About Team PISCES

The original inspiration for Team PISCES came from David Pitt-Watson (an Ambassador of the Transparency Task Force) and his work on 'The Purpose of Finance'. David spoke at a Finance Innovation Lab & St. Paul's Institute event in January 2017. His talk was inspiring, thought-provoking and challenging in equal measure; if you've had the fortune to listen to David speak on 'Purpose' you'll know exactly what we mean.

'What's the purpose of finance?' is a question of profound importance. It helps to focus the mind on what really matters and it can shape your entire outlook on the financial services industry - it's many shortcomings but it's potential for good too.


The way that money is utilised can have an enormous impact on the behaviour of individuals, organisations, markets, societies and countries.


Team PISCES is for those that like the idea of the world's capital markets becoming a 'force for good' and at worst want the financial ecosystem to 'do no harm'. 


P is for Purpose;


I is for Impact Investing;


S is for Sustainability;


C is for Corporate Social Responsibility;


E is for Environment, Social and Governance;


S is for Socially Responsible Investing.

Whos is involved in Team PISCES so far?

If you believe there is scope to improve the way the financial services sector influences what happens in our world then you may well be on the same wavelength as the many volunteers in Team PISCES. Please don't 'stand by', please 'stand up' - we need all the help we can get and the more members we have the greater our colective impact, so get in touch.  


Although Team PISCES was only launched at our Transparency Symposium on 17th  May 2017 it has attracted a great deal of interest from many high-calibre individuals who have a tremendous appetite for driving change in the world's capital markets.


As individuals, they and their organisations have the ability to influence developments; but as a cohesive, collaborative, campaigning community they will have even more impact.


You can see who is already involved by downloading the Excel spreadsheet below, noting that individuals from The Department for Work & Pensions and The Pensions Regulator participate as interested observers:  

Team PISCES members
TTF Team PISCES members.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [44.4 KB]

How does Team PISCES operate?

That's a simple one to answer:


Members of Team PISCES join a monthly conference call, but there is no expectation that you will join every call - just make the ones that are convenient for you. These calls are always held on the first Thursday of the month, starting at 14:00 and ending at 15:00 (UK times). The dial-in details for the calls are always as follows: 

Dial in: 0333 44 33 44 3 Room number: 78371389# PIN: 7188# 

We use a very inexpensive facility called WhyPay. 

What is the latest position?

Following our last Conference Call (held on Thursday 6th July) team members are deciding which sub-committees they want to be involved with. Each sub-committee will then develop their primary campaign objective and ideas on how that objective can be achieved. It's very early days for Team PISCES but so far, so good. 


Enormous thanks to everybody involved already, and those yet to join. 

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