Overview of our Teams of Volunteers

The Transparency Task Force's 'engine room' is its nine teams of volunteers. The thinking behind our volunteer teams was discussed and developed at a meeting held in September 2015, in the very early days of the development of our collaborative community.


Through frank and open discussion we concluded that there was much wrong in the Financial Services sector that needed fixing. It seemed sensible to develop several groups; with each group being made up of people that felt particularly strongly about issues in which they had subject-matter expertise. 


We started off with a handful of teams, with each team meeting on a monthly basis, in London. Those unable to attend in person dialled into an accompanying conference call. The rooms we used for those meetings were very kindly provided by supportive organisations who provided their facilities to us at no cost. 


As time went by we realised that we could avoid the inconvenience of travelling to a meeting so all Teams now have a monthly conference calls; which seems to be working fine.  


Here are the teams:

  • The Banking Team
  • The Foreign Exchange Team
  • The Market Integrity Team 
  • The Costs & Charges Team
  • The Stewardship & Decision-Making Team
  • The Scams & Scandals Team
  • The International Best Practice Team
  • Team PISCES 
  • Team PAM 

Over 250 people are already involved in our teams; they are working togethor to be 'part of the solution'.


Please use the navigation bar on the left to learn more about each of our volunteer teams and who's involved in them. 


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