Franziska Fisken

Teacher, Coach, Freelance Writer, SEO Advisor, Website Design,

Franziska is a retired English and Mathematics Teacher with an MBA from the University of Westminster, mathematics degree from the University of Kent, PGCE from the University of Keele and a CELTA teaching qualification. She previously worked in marketing, computer programming and systems analysis. She has also been involved in local UK voluntary and fundraising initiatives and in online marketing such as building and maintaining websites (including SEO search engine optimisation).

Franziska currently resides in Vienna, Austria. Her interests include finance, online media, creative writing, travel, reading, history, art, architecture, education and psychology.

Franziska joined the TTF Transparency Taskforce ( because she is a victim of pension mis-selling. She, despite much research, transferred a regulated UK SIPPS pension to an unregulated, expensive, ineffective QROPS scheme. At the time (2014), she was unable to get good, trustworthy, independent financial advice. She identifies strongly with the notion that people who retire should be able to retain their life savings in real terms, safely and securely. She believes that not only is this beneficial to them and their families, but also for the economic welfare of their nations, because poor, vulnerable and unhealthy elderly citizens are a drain on national resources too!

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