Richard Emery

Fraud Investigator,
4Keys International

Richard started his career training as an accountant but soon discovered the then new world of computing.  After working for a couple of technology companies, he joined John Lewis Partnership where he became the Project Manager for the design, development and implementation of the Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) systems in their department stores.

After brief spells in two small technology companies Richard joined ICL Retail Systems as a Retail Business Consultant.  This allowed him to play a significant role in the design and development of systems that covered the entire retail process from initial product purchase, through warehousing and distribution, to retail sales and payments.

He set up an independent Retail Business Consultancy in 1990, working with both retailers and technology suppliers in UK, Europe and USA.  His investigative and analytical approach soon resulted in him being asked to serve as an Expert Witness in civil disputes regarding retail computer systems.

In 2004 Richard accepted his first Instruction on behalf of a Defendant in a Criminal case.  A young retail sales assistant was accused of.  She was found not-guilty at the end of a 4-day trial during which Richard gave vital oral evidence.  He continues to serve as an Expert Witness in cases of Retail Theft and Fraud.

Since 2013 Richard’s investigative and forensic analytical skills have focussed on credit/debit card fraud and bank fraud.  He has assisted individuals, small businesses and charities to challenge the banks and FOS, resulting in refunds ranging from £100s to over £250,000.  In 2017/8 he successfully challenged the way that the banks were interpreting the term “gross negligence”.  In August 2018 he was asked to write an article on APPF for FOS Ombudsman’s News, resulting in a live appearance on the Victoria Derbyshire show.  He is regularly quoted in the media or interviewed on radio and TV.  Then in November 2018 he was invited to give oral evidence to the Treasury Committee investigation into Economic Crime.  The resulting report was published on 1st November 2019, endorsing much of what Richard had said, and quoting him in several sections.

He is currently challenging the banks to establish an Historic Reimbursement Scheme for victims of APPF since 2014, primarily on the basis that they have been ‘grossly negligent’ by failing to deliver Confirmation of Payee even when the risks of not providing CoP became clearly obvious.

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