Banking Team

The Banking Team has a Business Banking part, led by Heather Buchanan, Director of Policy & Strategy at the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking; and a Retail part, led by Alex Letts, Founder of U.

The highlight so far for the Banking Team has been the publication of a well-received White Paper on reform proposals on why and how Banks should change the way they describe current accounts and their charges.

This was presented at a very special meeting held at the House of Commons on 27th June 2017 and was even covered by The Times. The brilliant and wonderfully supportive Lord Cromwell Chaired the event superbly for us.

You can download the White Paper through the link below.

Also, you can view the members in our Banking Team and all our other Teams, and our Ambassadors by downloading the spreadsheet that you can access through this link; scroll to the bottom of the page.

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Representtaives of TTF’s Banking Team plus Lord Cromwell and relevent regulators and policymakers at our special event on 6th June 2017. 

TTF Banking Team on “Sensible recommendations about the lack of transparency around charges for Free-If-In-Credit personal current accounts”.
TTF Banking Team White Paper-6.pdf
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