Subscription Membership

If you already know you want to become a Subscription Member, skip the videos and explanatory notes below and go straight to the Application Form beneath it.

You can watch videos from our members explaining why they decided to become subscription members

This is a very important web page; it’s effectively our lifeline.

It’s all about asking you to become a Subscription Member of the TTF, please.

We’re not asking because we want to, but because we need to, it’s as simple as that. 

The context is that we desperately need more support to be able to carry on.

If enough people become Subscription Members, we will become financially viable; and if they don’t we won’t.

You’ll see below all the details about our Subscription Membership model.

We’ve made it as straightforward and as flexible as possible, but don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

Please do become a Subscription Member – we are hoping that all our members become Subscription Members.

❖    Why TTF is moving to a Subscription Model

We are moving to a Subscription model so that we can generate the funds we need to operate.

We can’t magic resource from thin air, so without sufficient support we obviously can’t carry on.

❖    The most important reason for becoming a Subscription Member

We believe the most important reason for becoming a Subscription Member is to support TTF’s Social Enterprise mission, which is:

“To promote ongoing reform of the financial sector, so that it serves society better”

…a mission that we believe to be both noble and necessary. Please take a look at our Annual Report; you’ll see that we’re doing a great deal of worthwhile work and we’re confident that we’re successfully helping to drive the positive, progressive and purposeful reform that is so desperately needed.

❖    Other reasons for becoming a Subscription Member

Beyond knowing that you support is helping to keep TTF going, Subscription Members:

– Can attend all our upcoming symposia at no additional cost; your Subscription Membership is pre-payment to as many as you want to attend!

– Can attend all our TTF Film Club and TTF Book Club events

– Can be considered for speaking slots at our events

– Can be considered as a Leader for one or more of our Groups

– Can access all the video recordings of previous events on our TTF TV Channel, for free

– Can be included in our Consultation Responses and White Papers

❖    The Standard and Non-Standard Options

We have created a subscription model that can work for everybody, regardless of their financial position. The standard amount is £50 + VAT per month, but it is fully flexible i.e. we have members contributing more and less than that – in fact, between £100 per month and just £1 per month.

You are therefore welcome to pay an amount that’s right for you, be that £50 + VAT per month; or more, or less than that figure.

We think this is the fairest, most progressive and overall the best approach possible, but please be as generous as you can afford to be.

❖    How to Pay

Payment can be by Bank Transfer, Standing Order, Credit Card or PayPal and note that you can also pay quarterly or annually or in advance, so let me know if you’d prefer that.

❖    Suggested next steps

Please complete the easy-to-complete form below to become a Subscription Member. Once we have received your details, you will receive a confirmation email.

Apply to become a subscription member

Once we have received your details, you will receive a confirmation email.