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If you already know you want to become a Subscription Member, skip the Q&A below and go straight to the Application Form beneath it.

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Q&A about Subscription Membership

Once you’ve become a Subscription Member you can attend all TTF events for free, subject only to availability. 

There are 4 pricing options to become a Subscription Member:

  • Option #1 – £480 + VAT annually in advance; or
  • Option #2 – £135 + VAT quarterly in advance; or
  • Option #3 – £50 + VAT monthly; or,
  • Special Option #4. This option is for those that can’t afford the other options. With Special Option #4 you choose what to pay. What’s the minimum amount payable? There actually isn’t one. We haven’t set a minimum as we want TTF to be as inclusive as possible so that literally everybody can afford to become a Subscription Member.
Payment can be by Bank Transfer, Standing Order, Credit Card or PayPal. 

Clearly, as Standard Members pay £245 + VAT per event, it is hugely beneficial to become a Subscription Member, as that entitles you to attend all our events i.e. becoming a Subscription Member is the most cost-effective option for you. It also helps to smooth and stabilise our finances, which we need to do; so it’s a win/win.

TTF desperately needs to stabilise its financial position. Our vision is to build a highly respected international and influential institution that helps to ensure consumers are treated fairly by the financial sector. Realising our vision will require firm financial foundations to enable us to plan and budget ahead. Our subscription model will help to create the smooth and predictable revenue stream that we need. That predictability will help us make important planning decisions such as how many staff we can have and what campaigns we can run. 

Please do! We really do need all the financial support we can get. If you can afford to pay more please make donations, be that as a one-off, an occasional payment or a regular payment. We already have a donations page here and moving forward we’ll be raising awareness of it all the time.

Simple – request a concession, stating the amount that you would like to pay. Please be reasonable, i.e. propose an amount as close to £480 +VAT per annum up-front or £135 + VAT per quarter or £50 +VAT per month as you can afford, but rest assured nobody will be refused the concession they genuinely need.

Yes, and No. Yes, in the sense that if you want to attend a particular event by paying £245 + VAT you can; but No in the sense that you won’t be able to request a concession on an individual event moving forward. That’s because we want everybody to move over to the new subscription model. However, you’ll still receive the Transparency Times and you’ll still be able to fully engage as a Standard Member of the TTF. Remember, however, that because of the full flexibility made available by the concession option there’s no financial reason to not become a Subscription Member, so we would very much appreciate everybody moving over to the new model.

Yes, and the less of a concession you have had the more the saving will be. We expect that most active members will pay less under the new model than the old

Cash flow is vital to us, so we want to encourage as many people as possible to choose the annual payment option. That way we get more cash-flow more quickly, and we need to do that.

Please fill out the form; and if you genuinely need to request a concession, now’s the time to do it.

Please contact us; and we’ll go from there – thank you!

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