Becoming a Supporter of the TTF

The Transparency Task Force desperately needs support.

We want individuals and organisations that are authentically aligned with our aims and objectives to please support it, in some way – even if just a little.

Please take a look at the slide deck that you can download through the link below. The slides explain what we’re doing, why we’re doing it; and how you can help.

Supporters can provide financial and/or operational support and there are options to suit all situations; please help in whatever way is best for you but pleased do help, even if just a little.

Our approach is flexible so if you have preferences that are not catered for in the slides let us know.

Note that because of the ‘Bespoke Arrangements’ described we can achieve a win/win – transparency is fast becoming a commercial as well as cultural virtue.

Here’s a link to the slides:

Slides about becoming a supporter of the Transparency Task Force
Becoming a Supporter of the Transparency[…]
Adobe Acrobat document [42.5 MB]