Payment options

We have 2 types of Members – Subscription Members and Standard Members:

Once you’ve become a Subscription Member you can “attend all TTF events for free,” subject to availability. 

There are 4 pricing options to become a Subscription Member:

  • #1 – £480 + VAT annually in advance; or
  • #2 – £135 + VAT quarterly in advance; or
  • #3 – £50 + VAT monthly; or,
  • #4 – An individually agreed concessionary rate. This is for those that genuinely cannot afford the £480 + VAT annually option; or the £135 + VAT quarterly option; or the £50 +VAT monthly option. What’s the minimum? We have not set a minimum as we want TTF to be as inclusive as possible so that everybody can afford to become a Subscription Member. However, whilst there is no minimum to the concessionary rate, we ask that you be as reasonable as possible and propose the highest annual/quarterly/monthly amount you can afford, please. 
Payment can be by Bank Transfer, Standing Order, Credit Card and PayPal. 

Clearly, as Standard Members pay £245 + VAT per event, it is hugely beneficial to become a Subscription Member, as that entitles you to attend all our events i.e. becoming a Subscription Member is the most cost-effective option for you. It also helps to smooth and stabilise our finances, which we need to do; so it’s a win/win.

We have a Q&A about Subscription Membership here.

Standard Members pay to attend individual events; the price is £245 + VAT per symposium. 

Please note that it is more cost-effective to become a Subscription Member but you are perfectly welcome to remain a Standard Member if you wish.

Please now choose from one of the following options; but if you have any questions please contact us.