Payment method

Here’s an important explanation of our pricing policy; please do read it carefully:


The TTF mission is:


“To encourage ongoing reform of the financial services sector, so that it serves society better.”


We operate as a not-for-profit and need funds to survive. Without sufficient financial support we cannot keep our many reform initiatives alive – we’re just about surviving financially. 


As it is free to be a member of the Transparency Task Force, we must raise funds through other means, including ticket sales for our events. 


Therefore, unless you genuinely cannot afford to do so, please pay the standard amount of £245 + VAT, unless you are a Fellow of the Transparency Task Force, in which case the payment amount is reduced to £183.75 + VAT.


However, if that is beyond your budget, you may pay a reduced amount that you specify but please be as generous as possible because every penny matters. 


We can only sustain this very non-commercial pricing model if everybody is reasonable. 


If none of those options work for you, or if you have any questions or comments about our pricing model please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Otherwise, please now select whether you wish to pay by credit card, invoice or PayPal.

The subsequent screen you get to will enable you to enter £245 + VAT or £183.75 + VAT or a lower amount that you select.