Introducing Violation Tracker UK—A New Database Tracking Corporate Misconduct throughout the United Kingdom, being made available as a free-to-use public good!

Violation Tracker UK is a massive new online research tool that brings together data on a wide range of regulatory infringements committed by all kinds of companies, from right across the UK. The database provides fingertip access to information on 63,000 cases brought by 40 regulatory agencies including the Financial Conduct Authority, the Environment Agency, the Health and Safety Executive and the Employment Tribunal. It was compiled by a team of UK and U.S. researchers led by the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First, a Washington, DC-based NGO that created the original U.S. Violation Tracker. 

You can think of Violation Tracker as “A Transparency Machine” or an “MRI Scanner for Poor Corporate Conduct” or an “ESG Optimiser” or even an “Anti-Greenwash Engine” – it has a multitude of valuable applications and it’s yours to use, for free. 

The phrase “knowledge is power” certainly rings true when it comes to Violation Tracker – you’ll come away from your launch briefing/s knowing how to harness the power of the knowledge it holds. 

Violation Tracker UK is set to play an important part in driving positive, progressive, and purposeful corporate reform, by identifying patterns of ‘serial offending’ that indicate certain organisations’ culture of disdain for social responsibility. The new analysis is set to make a real, practical difference to social engagement, as its well-established US version already has done. 

Unless you are a super-heavy user, you can access it all for free, for the public good. As it has done in the U.S., Violation Tracker UK is expected to become a reliable ally to private and institutional investors, journalists, academics, campaigners, activists, regulators, policymakers, politicians, ESG professionals, Civil Society advocates, thought leaders, researchers, change-makers, corporate governance experts, risk managers, and many more.

We have organised a series of briefings to give you several options to attend. There is a general introduction on November 24th and separate, specific themed sessions on other dates. You can attend more than one if relevant to you:

  • Thursday December 2nd, 3pm to 4pm (GMT) – Regulators

Two simple next steps:

  • #1 On social media, please share with your contacts and colleagues that Violation Tracker is coming to the UK. As a voluntary group, we don’t have a big budget to throw at this launch, so your word-of-mouth contact plays a vital part. Please do help us through your goodwill, by telling your own community. For example, perhaps you could copy/paste this text, adapted as you wish into Twitter and LinkedIn:

I’m going to one of the Violation Tracker UK launch events, because I want to learn how to use information about corporate misconduct to help make the world a better place. The launch events are free, and better still, so is Violation Tracker UK. So why not make a great investment with your time and attend too – all the details you need are here:

Violation Tracker is brought to the UK by Good Jobs First, founded in 1998 and based in Washington, DC. It is a non-profit, non-partisan resource centre promoting government and corporate accountability.

Good Jobs First gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the following which made Violation Tracker UK possible:

  • The Joffe Charitable Trust
  • The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
  •  The Reva & David Logan Foundation