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About the Financial Stability Team


The Financial Stability Team was launched on 13th September 2017, at a Transparency Symposium held in London entitled “It must never happen again!”. 


The event was all about the causes and consequences of the Global Financial Crisis and in particular the part that a lack of transparency played. The date of the event was chosen because it marked the 10-year anniversary, to the day, that Northern Rock collapsed.


The Financial Stability Team is working together to establish what more can be done by Governments and Regulators around the World to build greater resilience into the financial ecosystem. This is important work because the overall conclusion from our 13th September event is that despite the fact that we are ‘10 years on’ from the Global Financial Crisis there are many risks that have still not been mitigated fully.


We want to shine a light on that, in a collaborative, constructive and consensus-building way.

Press Release about the launch of TTF's Financial Stability Team
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