The AE Team

There can be no doubt that Pensions Automatic Enrolment can play a huge part in helping to solve the UK's pensions crisis. 


Furthermore, it is widely accepted to have been a major success thus far. 


However, there is no room for complacency - the ongoing success of AE is not assured; many issues could potentially jeopardize its success and the purpose of The AE Team will be to help shine a light on the problem areas with a view to dealing with them in such a way that the risks to the success of AE can be properly mitigated. 


The AE Team was launched at our Transparency Symposium dedicated to the topic of Pensions Auto enrolment held on 8th March 2018. 


The AE Team will be looking to shine a light on issues such as:

  • Error rates
  • Technology issues and opportunities e.g. interoperability
  • Scheme selection issues
  • Value for money issues
  • The Net Pay/Relief at Source saga
  • Scheme governance issues
  • Potential miss-selling issues; etc. 

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