The Anti-Scams Team

Many scam victims have been battling for years to try to get the justice they deserve. In some cases they have lost everything; there have even been some that have paid the ultimate price for the criminal activities of monstrous individuals that have tricked them out of their life savings and pension funds.

This team is doing all it can to try to help scam victims by providing them with support.

We are also doing all we can to try to prevent scams from happening, particularly pension scams.

Of all our Teams, it is this Team that deserves as much support as possible; to help right the grotesque wrongs that are taking place ‘under our very noses’ right now.

To say the work of this Team is incredibly important is an extreme under-statement. Real lives of real people are being ruined by the awful, scandalous fraudulent activity of some people that seemingly cannot be stopped by the Regulators, or the Police; or can they be?

You can view the members in our Anti-Scams Team and all our other Teams, and our Ambassadors by downloading the spreadsheet that you can access through this link; scroll to the bottom of the page.

Please get involved if you need help or if you want to help; or both.

If you would like to know more, please contact me through

Thank you!