TTF Press Release 11th September 2020

TTF fully supports the Treasury Select Committee’s request to extend the consultation period on CP20/11

This is a very brief Press Release from the Transparency Task Force to state that we whole heartedly support the request for an extension to the consultation period relating to “Complaints against the regulators,” Consultation 20/11.

Please see the 2 letters below from Mel Stride MP, Chair of the Treasury Select Committee to the interim Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority and to the Governor of the Bank of England.

In fact, we believe the matter is serious enough to warrant a full suspension for the consultation, until the 3 independent reports on the FCA’s conduct have been published. 

That way, fully informed decisions can be made, based on a full picture of any relevant regulatory shortcomings. 

If you would like further background on the issues involved, please see here.

…but most importantly please do respond to the Consultation (deadline September 14th) even if just to lodge your dissatisfaction that the Consultation period is ill-timed and inappropriately short. 

To access CP20/11 see here.