TTF Press Release 12th October 2020

Open letter to the new Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority; TTF’s wish list


This short press release and the open letter to which it relates follows an Email exchange we have already had with Nikhil Rathi, the FCA’s new CEO. It sets out what we would like him to focus on whilst at the helm of the FCA. In short, our respectful letter confirms TTF’s role as a critical friend to the FCA. The TTF is totally aligned with the FCA’s statutory objective to protect consumers but we think there is a great deal that the FCA could and should tighten up on. You can read our open letter here:

As you will have seen, our letter invites Nikhil Rathi to participate in our special symposium taking place on December 15th entitled: “Are the UK’s Financial Regulators Failing?”

Get in touch if you might wish to be included in the meeting.