TTF Belgium Ambasadors

Graham Boyd

CEO & Founder,

Graham has been reinventing business since 2008 by questioning everything we usually do.


His original background is as an academic in theoretical particle physics research, followed by a management career with Procter and Gamble, so he brings an unusual perspective to corporate governance.


His key conclusion is that we need, in addition to regulation,

  • fundamental changes in who has a voice and voting power in general meeting decisions
  • broad use of agile, self-managing ways of organising people around work
  • the personal capacity to thrive in a VUCA world: high transformational thinking with high self-transformation capacity

He believes getting business to work, including in the finance sector, requires us to expand to our legal beings the personal freedoms of natural beings. The freedoms that underpin over a century of economic success today.


He is currently establishing a startup incubator and investment fund for regenerative ecosystems based on these company concepts.

Benoît Lallemand

Secretary General,
Finance Watch

Benoît is the Secretary General of Finance Watch, the NGO dedicated to making finance serve society.


He was one of the association’s first hires in 2011 as a senior policy analyst (in charge of MiFID 2). He was also a senior advisor to Better Markets on EU affairs and head of strategic development and operations.


Benoît initiated the Citizens’ Dashboard of Finance and the Change Finance coalition, platforms allowing a broad range of stakeholders, including pioneers in sustainable businesses and financial services, academics and civil society organizations to engage on a global campaign to change finance.


Before joining Finance Watch, Benoît spent more than ten years in the financial sector – more specifically in clearing and settlement (market infrastructure). He was initially a team leader before holding senior positions in asset-servicing departments, focusing on fixed income and structured products primary markets and regulatory reporting. He was then in charge of several business steering committees and strategic projects. Benoît also has roots in the NGO world as a co-founder of ATTAC-Bruxelles.

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