White Papers

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White Papers produced 2018
TTF MIT Codes of Conduct and Ethics White Paper 2018 07 11
TTF MIT Codes White Paper 2018 07 11 Exec Summary
TTF MIT Paper on Codes of Conduct Press Release 11th July 2018 (002)
TTF White Paper – Ideas to help reduce the chance of another Global Financial Crisis
White Papers produced 2017
TTF Banking Team White Paper: ‘Free if in Credit Mis(ing) Information’

This White Paper was presented at a special meeting that took place at the House of Commons on 26th June 2017. The meeting was Chaired by Lord Cromwell and the White Paper was presented by Alex Letts, Chief Unbanking Officer at U and leader of the TTF’s Banking Team – Retail. In essence, the Paper explains the need for reforms to the way Retail Banks describe their Currant Accounts.

TTF Banking Team White Paper.pdf

TTF Foreign Exchange Team White Paper: ‘Defining What Transparency Means in the Wholesale Foreign Exchange Market’.

This White Paper was published on 10th July 2017. It is a critical response to the Global FX Code; the many shortcomings of which allow the continuation of material detriment to consumers – from holidaymakers to pension savers.
TTF WhitePaper response to Global FX Cod[…]