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The Transparency Task Force has established an Advisory Group.

The first significant step forward was a meeting held in London on 26th June 2018, where several individuals met to discuss ideas on how the Group would function. 

The slides used at the meeting can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF icon below:

Slides used at the meeting about the development of TTF’s Advisory Board held on 26th June 2018
Advisory Board, PDF of slides used on 26[…]
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John Howard appointed Chair

Subsequent to the 26th June meeting John Howard become the Chair of the Advisory Group, as explained in the press release below…

Press Release issued 8th August 2018

John Howard to become the Founding Chair of the Transparency Task Force’s new Advisory Board

John Howard, Former Chair of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Financial Services Consumer Panel is to become the Founding Chair of the Transparency Task Force’s new Advisory Board.  

The Transparency Task Force (‘TTF’) is the collaborative, campaigning community, dedicated to driving up the levels of transparency in financial services, right around the world.   It currently has 39 ambassadors and over 300 volunteer members from across the UK and global financial services sector.

John Howard joined the BBC as one of the leading voices on Radio 4. He presented documentaries, phone-ins and discussion programmes, winning several awards. He became best known as the consumer’s champion on the daily magazine programme ‘You and Yours’, which he presented for 14 years.

In 1997 he was invited to join the Mortgage Code Compliance Board as an independent director. He subsequently became a member of the Financial Services Consumer Panel, which he chaired for 3 years until 2008.

Between 2006 and 2008 he was a member of the Market Participants Group of CESR, the European committee of securities regulators, and he also joined the Treasury’s Retail Financial Services Group. On stepping down from the Consumer Panel, he joined the Board of the Financial Ombudsman Service and also became a Non Executive Director of the energy Regulator, Ofgem.

In 2010 he was appointed as an Independent Commissioner by the Treasury for the Equitable Life Payments Commission.  He served on the With Profits Committee and the Independent Governance Committee of Scottish Widows. He was a Trustee of the Thalidomide Trust. He is currently Vice Chair and Senior Independent Director of the Family Building Society and a Non Executive Director of the Banking Competition Remedies Company.  He is Chief Executive of the company he founded, Consumer Insights, which provides advice on principles based regulation and fairness in the financial, energy and water sectors.

Andy Agathangelou, Founding Chair of the Transparency Task Force commented:

“The Transparency Task Force has been building momentum as a force for good in the financial services sector for over three years now, helping to ensure that consumers get treated fairly. We are a collaborative community that is being taken seriously by Regulators, Trade Bodies, Professional Associations, Civil Society Groups and all the key actors in this space; and we have grown to the point that an Advisory Board is now needed to formally shape our purpose and strategy moving forward. 

Andy Agathangelou continues, “It is important that we assemble a great team and all great teams need a great leader. All those who know John Howard will immediately understand why he is the perfect person to take on such an important role for us.  He has had an authentic, high-profile, pro-consumer world view for decades.  We are honoured that John wants to help lead us forward.”

Talking about his new appointment, John Howard said: 

“There can be no doubt that the financial ecosystem is profoundly important to the wellbeing of society, the global economy and political stability; so it has always been obvious to me that consumers must get treated fairly. The Transparency Task Force has got off to a very good start and I am pleased to have the opportunity to help take it to the next level.

“We are going to be busy recruiting members for the Advisory Board and I’m pleased to say there is healthy interest in this development, with many people volunteering to help the Transparency Task Force realise its full potential as a force for good. The idea of a pro-consumer community that works collaboratively to make the financial services sector fairer, more transparent, more trustworthy and thereby more successful resonates with many people in the sector; and so it should. Anybody interested in helping should get in touch.”

Establishing the membership of the Advisory Group

The next major step was for John Howard to selectively reach out to key individuals to recruit members of the Advisory Board.

We were delighted with how that went; here they are:

JB Beckett,

UK Director,
Association of Professional Fund Investors

Affectionately known as JB, Jon Beckett was a well known and outspoken professional fund investor and analyst for two decades until he retired in 2018 including the world’s largest single asset mandate (£189bn) for Lloyds Banking Group where he was also co-Lead if it’s Responsible Investing framework for the Insurance division.

As a Non Executive Director (NED) JB continues to be a vocal campaigner for better fund governance and value. A campaigner for professionalism and better standards in fund investing and due diligence; as Emeritus of the Association of Professional Fund Investors he previously led a global team to tackle issues arising from transparency, sustainability and technology. As Author of ‘#NewFundOrder’ and Co-Author of ‘The WealthTec Book’ and ‘Paytech Book’ JB has been a thought leader in the digitalisation and sustainability of asset management, speaking and writing globally.


A dedicated educator, JB is a guest lecturer at Stirling and Herriot Watt Universities and has written textbooks up to NQ Level 7 for the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments, with which he is Chartered and a member of its disciplinary panel. He is a member of the Stirling Student Investment Managed Fund oversight committee and a NED for Royal London and SVM Limited.


“I’m excited to be a part of TTF’s Advisory Board. This is a great opportunity to lead and reform the asset management industry. Finance is capable of delivering a sustainable and purposeful capital model yet frequently falls short of the fiduciary test when poor practises are left to fester in the shadows.”

David Weeks,


David Weeks was elected as Co-Chair of the Association of Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT) in 2016. He has served on the committee since 2014.

David Weeks is a director of a defined benefit pension scheme, with a leading PLC in infrastructure services as the sponsoring employer. “Engaged Investor” included him in their “Top 50 people in pensions 2017”. He is active in the affairs of the World Pensions Council, for whom he has made presentations to, and acted as rapporteur at, international conferences. Journals that have published contributions from him recently include “Revue Analyse Financiere”, “Portfolio Institutional”, “Professional Pensions” and “Pensions Expert”. He has been a judge for major UK pension awards.

In his previous career, David Weeks has experience of both public and private sectors, and of their respective pensions regimes. Most recently, he served as a consultant or executive in UK Government Departments, including Home Office, Health, Trade and Industry, and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Earlier, he worked in private sector business development and marketing, and in international advertising agencies. David is a graduate in history of the University of Bristol.

“I am pleased to be part of TTF’s Advisory Board because of the significant work that the organisation started, and continues to carry out, in putting the important topic of costs and charges under scrutiny”

Steve Kenzie,

Executive Director,

UN Global Compact UK

Steve has managed the Secretariat of the UN Global Compact Network UK since 2008, connecting UK companies and other organisations in a global movement dedicated to driving corporate sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals. He also Chairs UNGC’s Global Network Council and sits on the UN Global Compact Board.

He was previously a Programme Director at the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) leading projects across a wide range of responsible business issue areas. Prior to joining IBLF, Steve was the founder and Managing Director of a successful retail sports equipment business in Canada.

He has a B.Comm from the University of British Columbia and an MSc in Business & Environment from Imperial College London.

“I’m pleased to be a part of TTF’s Advisory Board because I believe TTF can be an effective driver of much needed change in the financial services sector.”

Heather Buchanan,

Director of Policy,

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking

The APPG is one of the largest cross-party parliamentary groups, with over 120 members.The Group is currently campaigning to reform the dispute resolution landscape for businesses in the UK, including calling for the establishment of a Financial Services Tribunal, and for a public inquiry into the treatment of businesses in turnaround units.

Heather is also the lead on commercial finance for the Transparency Task Force’s (TTF) Banking Team and is a member of the panel of TTF’s Financial Stability Team. Heather was on the Steering Committee of the Banking Futures project and is a member of the UK Finance SME Advisory Group.

She has also contributed to the Lending Standards Board Standards of Lending Practice for Business Customers, and regularly advises MPs, peers, Government departments, regulators, trade bodies and civil society on the commercial relationships between businesses and their lenders.

“I’m pleased to be part of TTF’s Advisory Board because I have seen first-hand the human consequences of the lack of transparency in the commercial lending market. The TTF will be a key driver to change this in the future.”

David Pitt-Watson,

Visiting Fellow,

Cambridge Judge Business School

David is Co-Author of ‘The Purpose of Finance’, ‘What they do with your Money’ and several other books. He Co-Chaired the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative, and led the Royal Society of Arts Tomorrow’s Investor Project. David is the Treasurer of Oxfam, a Board-member at NESTA and is recognised globally as a leading thinker and practitioner in the field of responsible investment and business practice.

David is a winner of the Transparency Trophy and his ground-breaking work on ‘Purpose’ was the initial inspiration behind the creation of Team PISCES. David is a frequent speaker at TTF events.

Gavin Starks,


D Gen

Gavin explores the impact of data and the web on business, society and culture.

Amongst many other things he is involved with important, pioneering work that is highly relevant to the mitigation of climate change risk; highly relevant to the topic of financial stability. 

Gavin has co-created over a dozen data-driven organisations to bring multidisciplinary leadership to the digital age. These have addressed data infrastructure, policy, science, communications, innovation and skills across fintech, climate change, supply-chain management, modern slavery, the circular economy, digital media, telecoms, machine learning, blockchain and the internet of things. 

He co-chaired the development of the Open Banking Standard and was founding CEO of the Open Data Institute.

He is currently convening federated partnership programmes to help address the Sustainable Development Goals; is Advisory Board Chairman at blockchain company,; Non-exec at circular-economy IoT company, CupClub; Trustee at environmental charity, Blue Ventures; Chairman at Rinse Media Group; strategic advisor to governments, for-profit and non-profit companies who create global impact with data.

Some detail:

Gavin was the Open Data Institute’s founding CEO, working with Sir Nigel Shadbolt and Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Under his leadership, it unlocked over $100M of direct economic impact, incubated over 50 companies, launched franchises across 20 countries, trained 6,000 people, recruited a world-class board and team, and grew its turnover to $7M/y in under three years.

In 2015, at the request of HM Treasury, he co-chaired the development of the Open Banking Standard, laying the foundations for regulation and catalysing international innovation. 

He served on the Data, Science and Evidence advisory board of the Ministry of Justice and the Smart London Board reporting to the Mayor’s office.

He has been creating businesses for over 20 years, leading projects with organisations such as Arup, Cap Gemini and the World Bank. He has been recognised as one of the most influential people in data: winning awards for his innovation and expertise, and providing Parliamentary Select Committee evidence.

He is a regular international speaker on the topic of the web of data and its impact on society.

His previous ventures include: organising the world’s environmental data and standards into an open web-service, AMEE, raising over $10M from leading VCs (sold 2015); chairing development of the first Gold Standard Carbon Offset; building the world’s leading digital music distributor, CI, the first company to deliver digital products to iTunes, and sent Amazon 25% of its download store at launch; creating award-winning streaming media company, Tornado in 1999 (sold 2003); joining Branson’s Virgin Net as employee #5 in 1995 to deliver Virgin Net (now Virgin Media). 

At Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory, Gavin helped develop systems designed to map and interpret the Universe. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, created courses and lectured in Engineering and Music at Glasgow University, and has degrees in both Astronomy and in Electronic Music (on which he has published research & released ab album) He converted a century-old ship to live aboard and built a cooperative historic harbour on the Thames to put it on.

“I’m pleased to be on TTF’s Advisory Board because transparency not only builds trust, it creates more stability around our core infrastructure and, in the digital age, opens up potential for global innovation”

Sue Lewis,

Trustee Director,

The People’s Pension

Sue is an independent Board member and consultant. She is a Trustee Director at The People’s Pension, a leading UK multi-employer scheme. She is also a Trustee of UK national charities StepChange debt charity, the FairBanking Foundation and Surviving Economic Abuse. Until December 2018, Sue chaired the Financial Services Consumer Panel, an independent statutory body that advises the UK Financial Conduct Authority on consumer issues in financial services regulation.

Sue is a member representative on the EIOPA Occupational Pensions Stakeholder Group, and was previously a member of of the European Commission’s Financial Services User Group. She is also a consultant specialising in financial education, financial inclusion and consumer protection regulation, working with international organisations such as the OECD and Alliance for Financial Inclusion.

Sue was previously a senior civil servant, working in HM Treasury, the Cabinet Office and Department for Education.

Sue has a B.Sc degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Statistical Methods.

Sue Flood,

Leader of the Ark Pension Scam Group, A leader of the Transparency Task Force’s Anti-Scams Special Interest Group, Director of Reborn Recycling

Sue Flood has worked in the Television Industry since 2001, starting out at Television Centre and progressing through a successful TV programme-making career that included various roles such as Researcher for Top of the Pops, Celebrity Guest Liaison, Location Sourcing, Production Budget, Sales and Promotions (including through BBC Worldwide with responsibility for selling all BBC Programmes to all 130 Global TV Stations Worldwide).

Her roles at the BBC meant she worked with a wide range of household name VIP celebrities including Muhammed Ali, Robert Redford, Mel Gibson, Richard Gere, Terry Wogan, Chevy Chase, Joan Collins, David Bowie, Cher, Bob Monkhouse, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Tom Jones, Debbie Harry, Donna Summer, Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Nicks, Van Morrison, Seal, Bryan Adams, Bette Midler, Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey, Cliff Richard, Paul Weller, Bruce Springsteen, Jamiroquai, Robbie Williams, The Spice Girls, Rowan Atkinson, Kate Bush, Joanna Lumley, Queen, Elton John, UB40, The Who, Rod Stewart, various Presidents of the United States of America and many, many more.

Sue has also had senior roles at BUT Music Group, and her volunteer roles have included raising awareness for disabled models for inclusion in the Fashion, Industry and raising awareness for retired Polo Ponies with CEO Sarah Coleman.

More recently, Sue flood has become a key figure in helping to prevent people falling victim to pension fraudsters, having become a victim herself. Sue lost here entire pension fund; along with over 500 other victims of the Ark Pension Scandal. Her response was to set up a campaign group which she has tirelessly supported ever since. She is now also involved in supporting numerous other pension scam victims and pension scam support groups.

She has unique insight and experience in the pensions scam prevention and support space and her relentless campaigning has led to interaction with the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the Financial Conduct Authority – watch this space.

Sue is also highly supportive of the Transparency Task Force; for which she is a central figure in our Anti-Scams Special Interest Group, an Ambassador and a member of the Transparency Task Force Advisory Board.

Inaugural Meeting

The inaugural meeting of TTF’s Advisory Board took place on 25th September 2018, as explained in the press release below:

Press Release issued 26th September 2018

Transparency Task Force Announces Advisory Board

The Transparency Task Force (‘TTF’) yesterday held the Inaugural Meeting of its Advisory Board in the heart of the City of London.

TTF is the collaborative, campaigning community, dedicated to driving up the levels of transparency in financial services, right around the world. It currently has 45 ambassadors and over 350 volunteer members from across the UK and global financial services sector.

Chairman of TTF’s Advisory Board, John Howard (former Chair of the FCA’s Financial Services Consumer Panel and presenter of BBC Radio 4’s pro-consumer You and Yours programme) has described the Advisory Board as a ‘Dream Team’.

Talking about the Advisory Board, John Howard said:

“There is a universal shared interest in having a transparent and fair financial services sector that works hard to deliver value for money to consumers whilst also encouraging changes in the behaviour of market participants that will rebuild trust. It is therefore only right and proper that the Transparency Task Force’s Advisory Board be highly diverse but totally united in wanting to positively reform the system.

“We have deliberately set out to create an ‘all walks of life’ Board and we’re confident we have done that. The Board’s diversity has already led to meaningful discussion and debate, for example in exploring key questions such as what the Transparency Task Force should aspire to become. In my view, the organisation has enormous potential as a force for good and for the sake of the integrity of the financial system we have a collective duty to realise as much of that potential as possible. We are all volunteers in the wider TTF community, who are motivated to initiate a much-needed cultural shift in financial services.”

The members of the Advisory Board are:

  • David Pitt-Watson, Visiting Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School
  • David Weeks, Co-Chair, Association of Member Nominated Trustees 
  • Gavin Starks, Founder of Dgen
  • Heather Buchanan, Policy Director, APPG on Fairer Business Banking
  • JB Beckett, UK Director, Association of Professional Fund Investors
  • John Howard, Director, Consumer Insights; Chair
  • Steve Kenzie, Executive Director for United Nations Global Compact, UK Network
  • Susan Flood, ARK Campaign Group
  • Sue Lewis
  • David Masters, Director at Lansons

Advisory Group Inaugural Meeting Agenda

Time and place:

16:00 to 18:00 (with optional networking and refreshments after) on Tuesday 25thSeptember at the Board Room of Newgate Communications, Sky Light City Tower,50 Basinghall Street, London EC2V 5DE

Proposed agenda:

1. Introductions

2. General thoughts about the TTF – open discussion

3. General thoughts about what the TTF should aspire to become – open discussion

4. General thoughts on what the TTF Advisory Board should focus on – open discussion

5. AOB – open discussion

5. Scheduling the next meeting

6. Confirmation of agreed actions, if any

7. Optional networking and refreshments through to 18:30



6th October 2021

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Advisory Group meeting notes 6th October 2021

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