Our events are an integral part of our strategy for driving change, which is is to bring together two types of people:

#1, Those with a sense of ‘passion & purpose’ about what needs to change; and 

#2, Those with the ‘power & position’ to help make change happen

The testimonials below from previous attendees will help explain the aims and objectives of our Transparency Symposia – they aren’t ordinary events:

Pete Glancy,

Head of Policy Development, Pensions, Investments and Workplace, Wealth & Insurance, Lloyds Banking Group

“I’ve been to a number of Transparency Symposiums over the last 2 years, considering subject matter such as Transaction Charge Disclosure, the Asset Management Market Review and more recently the FCA’s Platform Study.

These symposiums are a melting pot, where all sorts of interested parties express and share views. With regulators and policymakers attending alongside those with commercial interests and those championing the consumer and other causes, this is a great forum to express your views if you want others to see things from your perspective and of course a great opportunity to see things from other people’s perspective.”

Andrew D. Esctruth,

Associate Director for External Relations,
Center for Retirement Research at Boston College

​”I would urge anyone concerned with improving the relationship between the financial industry, regulators, and consumers to attend a Transparency Task Force (TTF) symposium. This superb organization was started in the United Kingdom and has quickly established an impressive track record for raising awareness of the benefits of greater transparency in the provision of financial services, a prerequisite for building trust with consumers. The TTF events bring together a diverse group of experts with one common goal: to help the financial industry thrive by putting its clients first. This mission is vital in today’s environment in which the risk and responsibility for attaining retirement security has shifted away from institutions and to individuals.”

Daniel Godfrey,

“Thinking about what’s next”;
Co-Founder of The People’s Trust;
Former Chief Executive of the Investment Association

“Transparency Symposiums are a place where people who care about financial services and the important role they have to play can come to support and shape the future of transparency”

Dr. Kara Tan Bhala,

President and Founder,
Seven Pillars Institute for Global Finance and Ethics

“I attended and spoke at the Transparency Symposium in Boston on September 28th. The quality of speakers and the content of their talks were impressive in depth, scope and relevance of knowledge. The symposium provided a space for professionals to present their ideas and for everyone to meet and speak frankly with others who share the same purpose of improving financial practice and policy. Presenters were high-level executives, directors, and presidents of their companies. Attendees belonged in the top echelons of their fields. I forecast this and future symposia will lead to the fulfillment of Transparency Task Force goals, pushing financial services to new heights of ethical advancement. In sum, the symposium was a well-organized, friendly, and illuminating gathering of thought leaders and social justice advocates.”

Stephen Davis,

Associate Director and
Senior Fellow, Programs on Corporate Governance and Institutional Investors, Harvard Law School

“TTF is all about equipping the capital market and its participants with tools they need to adapt to forces of change. Transparency is coming to the corporate and investor worlds, as it has hit other fields, as a result of public, regulatory, NGO, and social media pressure. TTF convenes professionals from diverse disciplines for collective brainstorming on how to make transparency into an asset.”

Judith Donnelly,

Squire, Patton Boggs

“The Transparency Symposiums are one of the few forums where regulators, industry representatives and academics can meet and discuss ideas and solutions in an open forum”

George Kinder,

The Institute of Life Planning

“Transparency is the major issue society faces today in both democracy and finance. The Transparency Task Force is doing a terrific job highlighting this issue by bringing together a wide range of experts to provide intelligent insight and deep thought for everyone involved.

The symposium stimulated me to become even more active in my effort to shed light on opacity through my blogging and my new book A Golden Civilization. I’m very excited to see what The Transparency Task Force does moving forward”

Simon Fletcher,

Johnson Fleming

“A really great event covering a topic that that is not only gaining further traction in our market and with Government, but most importantly is of huge importance to our corporate clients and their employees”

Jon Lukomnik,

Executive Director,

Investor Responsibility Research Institute

“The Transparency Symposium provides a unique and valuable lens through which to examine how to improve both the efficiency and resiliency of the financial system, for the good of investors, the industry and society. The speakers are good, but it’s the interaction with the other attendees and the sense of purpose which differentiates it from every other financial meeting.

The symposium cuts across the normal siloes in the financial sector, so that we can learn from each other, including a number of perspectives that often are not heard… but should be.”

Tomas Wijffels,

Senior Polocy Advisor,
The Federation of Dutch Pension Funds
The importance of cost transparency:

Cost transparancy is of the utmost importance to the Federation of Dutch Pension Funds.

We believe that the pension industry is morally obliged to be transparent.

Pension funds have to provide an adequate retirement income at an acceptable price (contribution). The level of costs is crucial because it affects pension savings during an accrual period of several decades. Therefore costs have a significant impact on the eventual retirement income.

Cutting costs is not the primary goal. Costs should be evaluated in the context of risk and return on investment. This triangle should be taken into account by the management board of a pension fund during the entire decision making process.

The Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds published its most recent recommendations on costs in 2016. Cost transparency is no longer voluntary but also a legal obligation for pension funds in the Netherlands nowadays.

A next step should be to reach international agreement on how asset managers should calculate the level of costs and how they present this information to their clients. For this reason, we fully support the initiative of the Transparency Task Force. Together we can lift cost transparency to an even higher level.

Steve Conley

Founder & CEO,
Values Based Adviser

“For decades, many failed attempts have been made to restore trust and confidence to the financial services industry and it is more important now than ever that we do so for social and economic reasons…step up to the plate to make change happen”

John Howard,

Director, Consumer Insights; Solicitor and Broadcaster – formerly Chair of the Financial Services Consumer Panel and Non Executive Director at the Financial Ombudsman Service and NED at Ofgem. Member of both a pensions With Profits Committee and an Independent Governance Committee.

The Transparency Symposia provide excellent opportunities to hear expert analysis and groundbreaking ideas on the future of financial services and regulation.

Although views may diverge these are immensely constructive events and well worth attending for all those interested in the future of our market based economy. The underlying principle, that public trust comes with greater transparency, is a theme that overwhelming chimes with the times.

David Butcher,

Founder and Director,
Communications and Content
This positive and constructive series of events is a refreshing change from the usual round of conferences. They have a tangible sense of purpose, and are fun and engaging too. I’m looking forward to future involvement.

William Price,

Independent Global Pension Expert

“The events bring together people with the motivation, expertise and commitment to develop a financial sector that delivers for the people it serves. Nothing could be more important or more necessary.“

Tom Burgess,

Executive Director,
Progressive Policy Unit

“It was the lack of transparency coupled with corporate greed that lead to the financial crash that ruined so many peoples lives and aggravated the continuing rise in inequality. We must learn from our mistakes and take strong action

The Transparency Task Force and the symposia that are organised are a very useful way of educating those in business and beyond of the potential threat of inaction in this area. They are a valuable lesson in what we need to do to make sure we do not allow such disasters to happen again.”

Stuart Woollard,

Managing Partner,
Organizational Maturity Services

“TTF events cover critical issues facing the financial and wider corporate community, bringing together thinking, perspectives and approaches from a diverse range of important stakeholders. A transparent financial services sector has never been more necessary and can only be achieved on whole system basis, with the participation of all relevant actors. TTF provides the perfect conduit to help make this happen”. 

Stefan Pagacik,


“I recently attended the Task Force March 2019 event in Boston and was very impressed with the information, quality of presentations and the depth of knowledge present in the room. The dialogue was constructive and action oriented; in a refreshing change from other symposiums that I have attended, this was not about making sales pitches. It was strictly to encourage roundtable discussions that focused on areas of financial malfeasance and what can be done to rectify these atrocities. Each participant contributed information, insights and potential solutions that went beyond his or her own particular role in financial services, technology or other industry. I came away energized and ready to contribute my time and resources to support Andy’s mission and vision for the Task Force.

I found it to be both intellectually stimulating and spiritually nourishing for connecting with like-minded people. Already I have made important connections that potentially can be transformative for AI4Impact.

I would strongly urge you to consider joining the mailing list, attending a future event and getting involved to help us re-establish trust and transparency in our global financial and economic ecosystem.”

Heather Buchanan,

Director of Policy,

The TTF has established itself as a key forum for stakeholders to engage in productive, challenging discussions about issues facing the financial services industry. 

The conversations are refreshingly frank and thrive under Andy’s incisive lead, and I very much look forward to the next one. 

David Weeks,

Association of Member Nominated Trustees

Transparency Task Force run well prepared and well attended symposia.

Member nominated trustees find that the gatherings put into clear context the issues that are involved. They also provide opportunities to exchange views. We think that AMNT and TTF have complementary roles.

Paul Bates,

Senior Counsel,
Bates Barristers

The TTF offers a brilliant cross-sectional view of financial services industry challenges by the deep and refreshing talent of committed volunteers.

Problems are discussed in a constructive manner. Improvements are explored with multi-disciplinary inputs.

TTF offers a fruitful and friendly learning environment.

Caroline Hopper,

Senior Writer,

The lack of transparency in financial services is a problem we need to tackle from the inside and out. To do this we need to be able to bring together people who can see the problem from different angles – and that’s exactly what TTF does.

I think the TTF is going to play a huge part in making the financial services industry work for the people it’s actually supposed to serve.