TTF Ambassadors 

We are extremely grateful to our Ambassadors.


Our Ambassadors are individuals that authentically align with what the Transparency Task Force is all about.


They want to help us drive positive, progressive and purposeful finance reform and they want to help us harness the transformational power of transparency, for the benefit of all.


Individuals become Ambassadors on an invitation-only basis. 


Here are some notes about our Ambassadors:


  • Our Ambassadors are unpaid volunteers


  • Our Ambassadors are all highly credible, well-respected professionals with tremendous knowledge and insight


  • Our Ambassadors are naturally client-centric


  • Our Ambassadors understand that the purpose of the finance sector is to serve society


  • Our Ambassadors have no specific responsibilities placed upon them; it is for each Ambassador to decide how to support the cause


  • We initially plan to develop a network of 100 Ambassadors from right around the world; and once we have done that we will start working towards developing a global network of 1,000 Ambassadors – that has the potential to be a phenomenal force for good in driving finance reform


  • Individually, many of our Ambassadors are helping to drive positive change in their own right; but collectively they can become an awesome force for good, for the benefit of all


We are delighted with the quantity and calibre of the people that have responded so positively to our invitation to become Ambassadors; they represent a "dream team" of supporters and we are proud to have them involved in our cause.


We already have 95 Ambassadors: 45 in the UK; 28 in the USA; 4 in Australia; 6 in the Netherlands; 4 in Canada; 1 in Italy; 2 in Ireland; 1 in Belgium; 1 in Poland; 1 in Germany; 1 in Switzerland; 1 in India; so that's just 5 more to go to get to our initial objective of having 100 great people around the world directly aligned to what the Transparency Task Force is all about...

Please click on the flags below to see which individuals have already become TTF Ambassadors:















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