Meet the Team

Andy Agathangelou,
United Kingdom 

Andy formed the Transparency Task Force after a meeting he led at Senate House, University of London on 6th May 2015.

The meeting was about the need for the financial services industry to behave in a more trustworthy way and how harnessing the transformational power of transparency can drive the change that is needed.

Andy is also a Governor of the UK’s Pensions Policy Institute and he is the former Founder of Friends of Automatic Enrolment and Chair of the Friends of the Association of Member Nominated Trustees; an organisation he helped to create. 

LinkedIn Profile:

CV and bio available on request. 

Telephone: +44 (0)7501 460308


Tina Kenyon,
Head of Special Projects,
United Kingdom

I am very proud to be a part of the Transparency Task Force because I wholeheartedly believe in what we are doing. Consumers of financial services products and services are often confused by all the jargon and they rarely get the information they need to make well-informed decisions. I know that more transparency can help.

I work part-time and my role is to put in place processes and procedures so that we can continue to grow and expand our activities. I particularly enjoy using technology to replace labour-intensive administrative tasks and I can honestly say no two days are the same.

I oversee our events management, take care of the production of the Transparency Times, provide support to the running of our many Special Interest Groups, update the website, am responsible for our social media activity, I run the office and manage all our software and IT. 

A crucial part of my role now includes reaching out to individuals and organisations whose objectives align with the overall aims of the Transparency Task Force and therefore might wish to provide us with much-needed financial support.

Telephone: +44 (0)7494991773

Briony Crook,
Head of Outreach,
United Kingdom
We are a small team here there is a very strong belief in what we are doing and why we are doing it. People right around the world deserve to be dealt with by financial companies that operate in a transparent and trustworthy way, making sure their clients and customers are always treated fairly.

I’ve got an important part-time job managing our extensive outreach activities. I schedule Andy’s many meetings and telephone appointments, I oversee the continuous expansion of our ever-growing contacts database and I am always being asked to take on more and more responsibility for helping Tina once a process has become a “business as usual” activity. There’s a lot of variety in my work and we’re always looking to do things more efficiently and effectively. 

Alexandra Zitkus, 
Head of Events, 
United Kingdom
Oversee the planning and co-ordination of our symposia.

Chelsea Houghton,

Head of Social Media, 

United Kingdom

I oversee all social media campaigns and help to expand our ever growing following. 

My role also involves dealing with our “fellowship” initiative and the day to day operational accounts. 

I am also on hand to assist Alexandra with any help she may need managing events. 

Annemarie Borg,
Volunteer: Event Photographer,
United Kingdom

I am delighted to be part of the Transparency Task Force team on a voluntary basis, as an event photographer, helping to create records of the TTF symposia so that people who were unable to attend can get the feel for what was said and who was present.

I am a performance coach, visual artist and photographer, composer, musician, singer, writer, active environmentalist and ocean preservation speaker.

I am also Founder and Director of the Antara Project which focuses on creativity, ecology, communication and education.

I am an Ambassador of the Transparency Task Force and my interest in the Transparency Task Force stems from my belief that the finance sector as the backbone of our economy and our society has a great responsibility in incorporating into its activity the essential idea of caring for the life and protection of our planet. This means also emphasising information, transparent communication and education.

Telephone: +44 (0)7802717213


Rohanna Wise,
Volunteer: Head of Government Liaison for Massachusetts,
United States of America 

Rohanna is the founder and CEO of Wise Trading Technologies, and the creator of WiseRisk, a software platform that automates the implementation of currency hedging strategies.

She is also the author of Hedging Wisely: A Non-expert’s Guide to Expertly Hedging Currency Risk.

Helen Scott,
Volunteer: Regulatory Liaison, FX Group,
United Kingdom

Helen is CEO at Eris FX, an international payments firm based in Leeds promoting transparency, technical innovation, competition and good governance.

Sue Flood,
Volunteer: Head of Fundraising Strategy,
United Kingdom

Sue Flood has worked in the Television Industry since 2001, starting out at Television Centre and progressing through a successful TV programme-making career that included various roles such as Researcher for Top of the Pops, Celebrity Guest Liaison, Location Sourcing, Production Budget, Sales and Promotions (including through BBC Worldwide with responsibility for selling all BBC Programmes to all 130 Global TV Stations Worldwide).

More recently, Sue flood has become a key figure in helping to prevent people falling victim to pension fraudsters, having become a victim herself. Sue lost here entire pension fund; along with over 500 other victims of the Ark Pension Scandal. Her response was to set up a campaign group which she has tirelessly supported ever since. She is now also involved in supporting numerous other pension scam victims and pension scam support groups.

She has unique insight and experience in the pensions scam prevention and support space and her relentless campaigning has led to interaction with the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the Financial Conduct Authority – watch this space.

Sue is also highly supportive of the Transparency Task Force; for which she is a central figure in our Anti-Scams Special Interest Group, an Ambassador and a member of the Transparency Task Force Advisory Board. 

Terry Webster,
Volunteer: Lead Writer,
United Kingdom
Terry is a qualified Actuary with expertise in UK based defined benefit Pension Schemes, having held a Scheme Actuary certificate for over 15 years, winning the Actuarial Post’s “Pension Actuary of the Year” award in 2015.
Since becoming self-employed in 2016, Terry has graduated with an MBA qualification from Exeter University’s  “One Planet” MBA programme. It was this particular course’s focus on sustainability, long-term thinking, collaboration and ethics, alongside more traditional MBA studies, that particularly appealed to Terry, reflecting his own core values. He is currently working as Director of his own consultancy business, Lindis Consulting, through which he seeks to serve his clients, using his experience, expertise and network to fill resource and skills gaps that may exist within client organisations.  Work areas include Management Consultancy, Pension Consultancy, Strategic Planning and Independent Trusteeships. Terry is passionate about transparency, good communication and effective education, especially where finance is concerned.  Terry believes that financial and consulting services should be clear, accessible and designed for the benefit of all stakeholders.  Terry takes this outlook into all his interactions, aiming to provide clarity and to collaborate openly with those who share his vision of a much more effective, transparent, sustainable and client-centred future.

Chet Gladkowski,

Volunteer: Video Editor & Doodley Guru,
United States of America

Chet has been recognized as a leading insurance/IT executive, providing both strategic and practical insights across all P&C lines of business.

He has worked in the P&C insurance information industry 40+ years for carriers, broker/MGA/agency, vendors and industry associations on policy, billing, claims, reinsurance and reporting/BI solutions. Chet’s roles have included CIO for Interstate Insurance, Senior Director – Research & Development for ACORD, Vice President of software sales and co-founder of a global insurance proof-of-insurance solution.

His experience spans the globe both in insurance and technology.

John Dashfield

Volunteer: Coach to Andy Agathangelou, Founder of the TTF

United Kingdom

John is a highly experienced business coach and mentor to financial planners, owners of SME’s and key employees. He is author of the book ‘The client-centred financial adviser’, published in 2015. 

Prior to his coaching business John owned a thriving financial advisory practice which he founded in 1991 and sold in 2005.

At the core of his work is coaching clients so that they show up powerfully, with deep integrity and as the best version of themselves. This enables them to create transformational impact in their own lives and the lives of others.    

A significant amount of John’s time is spent working with financial advisers and he is privileged to work with some of the UK’s leading financial planning practitioners.

He is passionate about the Financial Services sector being a force for good, transparent and trusted by the consumer. 

Telephone +44 (0)7860 682530


Mark Bishop

Volunteer: Strategy Advisor

United Kingdom

Mark advises the Transparency Task Force leadership team on strategy matters.

Having entered the world of financial services consumer advocacy in 2012 as de facto leader of the Connaught Action Group and member of the liquidators’ committee of the Connaught Income Fund Series 1, Mark now works with the principals of other action groups and lobbies regulators and politicians to improve the regulatory environment.

Having worked as a journalist, media company executive, strategy consultant and corporate finance advisor, Mark holds an MBA from Cranfield University School of Management (where he is now a Visiting Fellow) and sits on the Advisory Board of the MBA programme at Sussex University, where he gained his first degree. He is also the author of a business book, The Future of Private Equity – Beyond the Mega Buy-Out.

Harry Chemay

Volunteer: Head of Regulatory Liaison


Harry Chemay is an experienced finance professional focused on delivering innovative investment solutions. His experience spans a period in excess of 23 years, incorporating:

  • Wealth management/advisory – assisting HNW individuals and SMSF trustees to take control of their own retirement outcomes;
  • Institutional asset consulting – assisting superannuation funds (amongst others) to execute their fiduciary in respect of investment strategy; and
  • A Co-Founder of one of Australia’s first digital advice solutions, delivering highly transparent, low-cost investment advice & asset management to cohorts previously priced out of such services.

Harry commenced his career in financial services within KPMG’s private wealth division. He advised primarily within the accounting sector, with senior adviser roles at Horwath (now part of Grant Thornton) and WHK (now Crowe Horwath).

After more than a decade in wealth management Harry transitioned from personal to institutional advice, joining Mercer investment consulting.

He spent some 4 years at Mercer, providing advice and asset consulting services to superannuation funds, university endowments and financial planning firms. During that time he completed the Certified Investment Management Analyst programme, offered by the then Investment Management Consultants Association (now the CIMA Society of Australia).

Prior to co-founding Clover, Harry consulted in the profit-to-member pension space, with a particular focus on retirement income innovation. His work resulted in an award-winning retirement income solution, one of the first in Australia created to deal with the complexities of sequencing risk.

An active participant within the wealth and superannuation space, Harry is a regular contributor to investment websites in Australia and overseas, writing on a range of topics across investing, financial planning and FinTech.

Harry is also a sought-after presenter, both in Australia and abroad. He has spoken at numerous conferences, facilitated Australian masterclass panels for S&P Dow Jones Indices, and in 2017 was invited to deliver a presentation on Robo-Advice at the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul. Other invitees to this prestigious conference included former First Lady and Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton, former French President Francois Hollande and former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Harry holds a Bachelor of Business (Banking & Finance) from Monash University in addition to post-graduate qualifications in finance.

Alex Varley-Winter

Volunteer: Head of Media Relations and Investigative Reporting

United Kingdom

I’m an investigative journalist with 10 years working in the media and – sometimes – in education; I write widely for locals, nationals and online publishers, and have stories in the Sunday Times, Times, Byline Times, Mirror, Computer Weekly and DeSmog.

Subjects I’ve researched span governmental transparency, social justice, environmental sustainability, crime, climate risk, the impact of disinformation and organised crime. I adhere to the NUJ Code in all my work, including protecting the identity of confidential sources:

In recent years observing complex cases in the High Court, I noted the kafkaesque impact of abuse of process by acknowledged ‘bad actors’ (lawyers who were later struck off, con-artists, and the like), against a backdrop of heavy justice sector cuts. The hardship this imposed on their – relatively powerless – victims was a stark reality that was drawn to my passing attention and kept repeating itself.

I could not help but observe the extremely heavy toll on victims of white collar crime within that system. That interest drew me to Transparency Task Force’s engaging symposia, impressed by their anti-scam work. When Andy Agathangelou then asked me if I would like to do some investigations with TTF I said yes.

I serve here as Head of Media Outreach and Investigative Journalism – voluntarily. It is a delight to collaborate with a group of public-spirited people advocating for consumers’ interests.

If you have a tip or untold ‘story’ that TTF should research, on transparency, hidden truths, financial stability and improving financial services for consumers, please do feel free to reach out to me on ProtonMail:


Andy Aitkenhead

Volunteer: Head of Change Management Oversight

United Kingdom

Andy has worked in financial services for 40 years, initially trading credit, over the last 20 years he has been innovative in the use of collaborative techniques to build high performing teams in the context of rapid change.  By building capability and capacity in the teams he has worked with, he has enabled enduring change.

Siva Shankar

Volunteer: Head of Social Media Strategy

United Kingdom

Siva has 20 years international experience in senior roles in industry sectors including brand deployment / franchising / financial services / technology / professional services / construction / real estate / building materials in Fortune 500 and in private equity backed organisations.

He has lived and worked in the UK, Continental Europe & Asia Pacific.

He also dedicates time every week to pro bono / altruistic work to make a difference where possible and is a strong believer that every single person can make a difference for the better.

Sarah Hutchinson

Volunteer: Head of Strategic Planning

United Kingdom

I am a Chartered Accountant and operations professional with a proven experience of project managing change projects. Experience in all field of the investment process from stock broking, asset management and pensions administration.