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The purpose of this web page is to provide a simple daily record of key activities carried out by Andy Agathangelou, as specifically requested by the Transparency Task Force Advisory Board at the Transparency Task Force Advisory Board meeting held on Tuesday 15th January 2019.


In the interests of transparency it can be viewed by stakeholders or anybody else that wants to see it.


For any queries please make contact through

January 2019

Friday 4th

  • Telephone Appointment with Burges Salmon
  • Telephone Appointment with Money Marketing

Monday 7th

  • Conference Call with Ark Campaign Group/Montfort International
  • Conferene Call with the Market Integrity SIG
  • Conferene Call with the Banking SIG
  • Conferene Call with the Foreign Exchange SIG
  • Conferene Call with the Financial Stability SIG

Tuesday 8th 

  • Telephone Appointment with Clara Pensions
  • Telephone Appointment with RequirementOne
  • Conferene Call with the Costs/Charges SIG
  • Conferene Call with the Pensions SIG
  • Conferene Call with the Investment Consulting/Fiduciary Management SIG
  • Conferene Call with the Asset Management SIG

Wednesday 9th 

  • Telephone Appointment with Positive Money 
  • Conferene Call with the PISCES SIG
  • Conferene Call with the Governance/Compliance/Risk SIG
  • Conferene Call with the Communications SIG
  • Conferene Call with the FinTech SIG

Thursday 10th 

  • Telephone Appointment with BP Pension Scheme
  • Telephone Appointment with Better Capital
  • Conferene Call with the Financial Planning SIG
  • Conferene Call with the Anti-Scams SIG

Friday 11th 

  • Telephone Appointment with KBA Consulting Group
  • Telephone Appointment with RequirementONE
  • Conference Call with 2020 Trustees
  • Conferene Call with the APAC SIG
  • Conferene Call with the EMEA SIG
  • Conferene Call with the GTI SIG
  • Conferene Call with the Americas SIG

Monday 14th 

  • Zoom Call with One Planet Education Networks
  • Telephone Appointment with Atos
  • Telephone Appointment with Eurodad
  • Telephone Appointment with Ark Campaign Group

Tuesday 15th 

  • Telephone Appointment with Burges Salmon
  • Telephone Appointment with RequirementONE
  • Meeting with Irwin Mitchell
  • Meeting with Transparency Task Force Advisory Board

Wednesday 16th 

  • Symposium on "The CMA's Final Report on Investment Consulting and Fiduciary Management Markets"
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