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Transparency Task Force to Interview Pension Scam Victims

Graphic by Citizens' Advice
by Alex Varley-Winter, TTF’s Head of Media Relations & Investigative Reporting, 10 August 2020

Pension scammers can strip enormous sums of money from savers, thanks in part to very low public awareness of the problem. We believe victims’ stories need to be heard. With this in mind Transparency Task Force is busy interviewing Pension Scam victims to inform MPs’ new Inquiry on Pension Scams. Our deadline is rushing up: September 9th.

If you have been pension-scammed or know somebody who has, this is exactly who we need to hear from the most. TTF can, if you wish compile video interviews – similar to my chat with TTF’s founder, Andy Agathangelou, on TTF TV, to help you to address MPs directly with your concerns.

We also value the input of unnamed, anonymous sources to this investigation. We have pension scam victims on our Advisory Board, we know trust is paramount and we keep confidential sources private.

You can also submit evidence directly to MPs, which we also encourage.

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MPs Launch Pension Scams Inquiry & Call for Evidence

by Alex Varley-Winter, TTF’s Head of Media Relations & Investigative Reporting, 03 August 2020

Last week brought the very welcome news that MPs on the Work and Pensions Select Committee are heeding TTF’s call to probe pension scams. They want to hear from victims in particular — pension scam victims in 2018 reported losing £82,000 on average, which has a devastating impact. TTF’s Founder Andy Agathangelou welcomed the inquiry in our first ever Vlog, TTF TV .

As the Inquiry chair, Stephen Timms MP, told Radio 4 listeners last week, MPs ‘do not know’ where the money goes in these rogue schemes and it is very unlikely that the Government can recover money lost. However, we hope that the inquiry will help the victims of scams to pursue some measure of justice, and to prevent others being targeted.

In their Call for Evidence, MPs announce: “The deadline for written evidence is 9 September 2020. … your evidence will be able to have more impact on our work if we receive it by the deadline.”

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Building the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Pension Scams

by Alex Varley-Winter,  Head of Media Relations & Investigative Reporting 27 July 2020

A new alliance is forming in Westminster against an ‘epidemic’ of devastating scams that are thought to have stripped up to £10bn from people’s hard-earned pension pots. Furthermore, people being targeted in scams increased during lockdown. Last week we prepared the ground for a dedicated All-Party Parliamentary Group on Pension Scams at a meeting between MPs, industry reps and victims. The Group’s inaugural meeting is scheduled for 7 September, and we hope it will serve as a touchstone for meaningful change.

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